Thursday, December 3, 2009

two headed girl

My brain stretches out towards you, reaches for you, wraps itself around your bony edges and contours, your flat ass and freckley arms. Can you take this seriously? Will you ever want to team up and have catastrophic fights and easy laughter, flushed excitement and lazy afternoons lying on your living room floor? We can go to bed, fiercely serious or ridiculously silly, with our bodies so obviously ill-suited for eachother.
OR - we can stay friends, keep teaching eachother what it means to be in completely different places all the time, learning to laugh at ourselves more and more, swaping new favourite bands, knowing exactly what the other is thinking and never spilling a word. You're so kind sometimes, and it always surprises me because, I mostly remember the times you've broken my heart or lied for no reason, you rude bastard. Made me cry more times than I care to remember.
But still I love you, not always in same way as before. I know you do love me, I heard you whisper it one night when you thought I'd fallen asleep before you, but the truth is, whenever I sleep over I can't fall asleep before I've heard your soft snores murmuring in my ear.
Plus, you're beautiful, or handsome, I should say. Do people tell you that? Your girlfriends, for example? The way you move is AMAZING. And the lines of your body too. You should get that tattoo, I wouldn't be able to stop myself then. Are you blushing yet?
I love you!
- grace

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