Saturday, January 2, 2010

If You've Got The Money

Cross Bones Style

This year I resolve to rid myself of toxic people, and habits.
I resolve to delete phone numbers I've been clinging to for far too long.
I resolve to be more truthful, to stop lying to make myself seem more interesting, to realise that I am fascinating in my own right.
I resolve to drink less and dance more.
I resolve to keep my big mouth shut.
I resolve to treasure the relationships I have, and not the ones I pine for.
I resolve to make the most of every opportunity.
I resolve to stop taking, and to give more.
I resolve to sign up to be an organ donor, and to stop fretting about leaving a pretty corpse.
I resolve to be more consistent in my emotions, my whims, my wants.
I resolve to finally get my drivers permit, maybe.
I resolve to let feelings to move fast, and the physical to go slow.
I resolve to be less in my own head, and be to be more involved in the world outside of me.
I resolve to eat less dairy, less fried, less microwavable.
I resolve to actually use the running shoes I bought 4 months ago.
I resolve to stop being so body shy, and to go the beach with fear in my belly.
I resolve to be simple, to focus on what is good and here, and not what could be wrong and isn't.
I resolve it all.