Sunday, November 29, 2009

Nothing and Nowhere is Golden

The thing I like the most about being content, is they way the sun feels. How the little rays make you want to smile like a Cheshire cat, and how the sunlight becomes hopefulness incarnated into a seemingly solid thing. It just makes your head buzz better than any drug, you know? When things feel all honey glazed and carbonated, and you’re just smiling because of what’s to come. But then there is that little tickle of worry at the back of your mind. Just in case a thread comes loose and everything falls to the ground. But you brush it away, just for now, just so you can enjoy the moments, even if they remain brief ideas, so as to enjoy your slow moments of contentedness.

Everything is so lovely here. I wish you were here to share it.

Open Water

"Do you ever get scared?” I asked; I traced my fingers along the sand.
“Of what?” you replied; you made mountains out of the grains.
“Of everything” I answered; I buried my fingers in between yours .
“Yes” you whispered; you crushed each mound we made.

“Do you ever wish you were someone else?” I asked; I tasted the water with my toes.
“Forever, or just for a day?” you replied; you dived in the waves head first.
“Forever” I answered; I cupped the white caps in my hands.
“Yes” you whispered; you wiped the salt water from your eyes.

“Do you ever get up but not wake up?” I asked; I held my shoes in one hand.
“In the morning or in the night?” you replied; you held your arms out to keep your balance.
“Anytime of day” I answered; I walked barefoot along the pier.
“Yes” you whispered; you fell off the edge and rippled the water.

“Do you ever say you love someone, when you don't?” I asked; I tried to count the stars.
“Anyone, or you?” you replied; you picked a thread from my jeans.
“Me” I answered; I closed my eyes and swallowed.
“yes” you whispered; you held your hand out and cried when I still took it.